Social Influence and the Art of Marketing Yourself Online

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Social Influence and the Art of Marketing Yourself Online

The internet has elevated networking to a whole new level, effectively mandating self-promotion. The internet turns everything into marketing, according to BuzzFeed writer Russel Brandom, who draws parallels between networking at CES to Skillshare, Quora, and the rest of the web.

Skillshare, a community of user-created education, is not merely about the free exchange of ideas. Like much of the internet, Skillshare has become a stampede of self-promotion reminiscent of SXSW Interactive. Brandom notes:

“It’s a good place to learn things, but it’s an even better place to network… Nearly everything on the web is better at getting attention than making money — and marketing is all about attention.”

Realizing the importance of social influence, online background checks are now determining factors for employment, from Facebook to LinkedIn. According to VentureBeat and WIRED, some employers are even judging applicants’ Klout scores to make decisions.

So how do you improve your social influence and Klout? Helpful advice is everywhere if you know how to find it (which you should, if you’re internet-savvy).

Ultimately, the internet has intertwined who you know with what you know – and in today’s world, success requires a constant mastery of both.

Your online presence, from social media to specialized forums and blogs, is a virtual portal to new connections and opportunities, both vocational and recreational.

BuzzFeed writer Russel Brandom recently wrote about how the internet turns everything into marketing

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